Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions or inquires, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

How much time before my event should I book?
Online reservations are taken up to 24hours before the event, however we recommend you book your iParty Booth in advance to be sure of availability.
What’s included with your packages?

Photo Booth Package includes:

  1.  Photo booth equipment
  2.  Embed your logo on all photos
  3.  Props table setup with black or white table skirt
  4.  Unlimited photos
  5.  Online gallery with unlimited access to download & share all original photos

Mobile Booth includes:

  1.  Mobile Photo Booth
  2.  on-site attendee for a minimum 2 hours
  3.  Embed your logo on all photos
  4.  Unlimited photos for the number of hours/days you book.
  5.  Online gallery with free unlimited access to download & share all original photos

Combo Package includes:

  1.  everything in the “Photo Booth Package
  2.  everything in the “Mobile Booth Package“v
    Do your rates include sales taxes?
    Provincial and federal sales taxes are not included. Taxes will be added to advertised rates at checkout.
    Do you cover delivery and setup?

    Our setup and delivery rates are as follows:

    Zone green – 75$
    Zone yellow – $125

    Outside Zones 1 & 2 –  contact us

    Telephone:   514 677-4686

    Please refer to map blow.

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    How customizable is your photo booth?
    It is as brandable as you would like it to be. The amount of customization that we can do with our photo booths is practically limitless. Our on-site graphics designer will work with you to bring to life your event. However, we require that you make your customization request clear ahead of time as it does take some time for us to meet your needs.
    What are you travel restrictions?
    There are no travel restrictions. We will bring the entertainment anywhere as requested. Outside the 2-zone delivery areas, additional charges will apply.
    Cela dépend de votre événement, mais nous vous recommandons généralement un espace d’au moins 6 pieds sur 8 pieds pour la cabine de photo; bien que nous ayons installé dans un espace aussi petit que 2 pieds sur 2 pieds Nous exigeons également l’installation sur une surface sèche avec au moins une prise standard 120 V disponible à proximité.
    How Do I Book?

    You can book here:

    Call:       514 677-4686

    How long does it take to setup?

    iParty Photo Booth
    We normally arrive at your venue a few hours before the start time to ensure it’s setup on time without any interruption to your event.

    iParty Mobile Booth
    Our attendee will arrive 15-30 minutes prior to start time. They will advise your event MC of their arrival and wait for instruction on when to enter the event and begin engaging with guests. The time slot begins at the scheduled time regardless of what stage the event is at.

    What do you need to set up?

    A 2ft. x 2 ft. space at minimum but we recommend an 8ft. x 8ft. space.
    Access to a 120V outlet to plug in.

    How many photos can we take?
    We encourage you to take as many photos as you can and want! It’s totally unlimited up until the booking time has ended.
    Will there be staff on-site?

    iParty Photo Booth
    It is an easy to use photo booth that will require no staff to be present; however we can provide an attendee for that “red carpet” event.

    iParty Mobile Booth
    Yes there will be an attendant with the booth. They deliver and setup the booth, roam and engage your guests, and ensure you have a great experience. 

    How many people can fit in the photo booth?
    We can fit as many people at once as wanted, but we recommend to sticking to smaller groups when possible as it will make each person stand out more in the photos.
    Still have a question in mind?

    Ask us!

    514 677-4686

    Where can I find my online gallery?
    You can find your photo gallery at: